Wayne Beckford

Suite 11, Penhurst House

352-356 Battersea Road,

London  SW11 3BY


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is what we do

Wayne Beckford Entertainment is a music company developing and administering the music of Wayne Beckford.

The Artist

Wayne Beckford started making music as a teenager. He is now a well-established artist, composer, songwriter and music performer and was recently signed by multi-Award winning producer RedOne as the first artist on the new record label RedOne Records.

The Company

Wayne Beckford Entertainment was created in 2009 by Georges Williams Betoka and Wayne Beckford to manage Wayne's musical project. As the activities kept developing, so did the company. Music production, live bookings, publishing and endorsments are the main activities. 

The music labels

Wayne Beckford Entertainment produces, publishes, distributes and administers a wide variety of music genres. That's why the label is part of a larger network of 7 record labels - all representing different musical universes. 

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